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Posted by Tom Henderson on Jan 27, 2016 1:24:00 PM

Getting Paid to Do the Right Thing

RG&E has New Rebates just for getting your equipment tuned up!

RGE.pngIt’s not often you get rewarded for doing maintenance work on your HVAC system. But RG&E has a new program starting in January, 2016 where you qualify for a $25 rebate every five years, just for getting your existing gas furnace tuned up! A furnace tune-up is a win-win. A tune-up ensures your equipment is functioning well and is as efficient as possible, so you use less energy heating your home. RG&E recognizes this is good for you and good for the environment, so they’ve created this rebate to encourage homeowners to tune up their furnace, at least every five years.



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Couple a Tune-up with a service plan for maximum benefit

Trane_Service_Guy-821331-edited.jpgAlong with a furnace tune-up, we offer service plans that help make sure your equipment is in good working order every year. Some folks think this is overkill, but you would be surprised how often a service plan ends up being the wisest investment you can have in your home comfort equipment.

For example, friends of ours went away on a great vacation last winter. Their dream vacation ended in a disaster when they came home. Their HVAC system had stopped working while they were gone, and as a result, pipes had frozen, causing all sorts of water damage to their house that led to expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance could have saved them a lot of money and heartbreak.

We saw the benefit of a service plan ourselves this past summer, when our air conditioning unit finally went to the big HVAC home in the sky. We knew our system was getting older, and that the compressor was showing signs of not being long for this world. Airquip let us know that it was only a matter of time, and we started discussing what we should do and when to make sure we weren’t caught in a situation where urgency outweighed planning. In the heat of the summer, the A/C went out several times, on weekends and holiday weekends to boot! Our service contract meant that we didn’t have to pay overtime charges and got priority service, which was really important, especially when we had house guests during one of the outages.

We worked with Airquip to try to nurse the system through until the fall, but we did not get lucky and had to replace the unit at the end of August. Because we knew what we were facing, and had already spoken about the equipment we would need to replace, we were far better off than folks being forced to make a big and expensive decision with very little information or forewarning. Airquip also helped us take advantage of rebate programs, including the ones for energy efficient equipment offered by RG&E. We also received priority service for the replacement, getting us back to comfort as fast as possible, and we weren’t put into a situation of trying to comparison shop contractors at the last minute for such a big purchase.

The twice-yearly system checks made sure our ducts were cleaned, our filters were replaced, and we were maintaining our equipment to maximize its lifespan. Airquip also helped us adjust the dampers to maximize our comfort throughout the house, something I wasn’t sure how to do on my own. We also have received discounts on replacement parts, ensuring that any repairs were also cost-effective. The service plan also served to remind me about maintenance of something that often falls into the “set it and forget it” category in a home. Without these reminders, we could have easily forgotten to replace filters which would have contributed to aggravating allergies and reducing the air quality in our home, especially in Winter.

Even with our brand new system, I’m keeping the service contract. It’s like getting the oil changed in my car. The guys at Airquip will make sure our filter is always changed, our system is functioning well, and they’ll be there if anything goes wrong, from Day One. This ongoing relationship with my contractor gives me peace of mind, and it will prolong the life of the system, making sure all the money spent gives us the maximum benefit.

Owning a home means maintenance. If you don’t catch problems early, you can be caught off guard and the problems can go from small and cheap to large and incredibly expensive in the blink of an eye! Just like getting that annual doctor’s exam, checking to make sure your HVAC system is doing its job and operating in peak form will ensure your family’s comfort and save you from inconvenience at the same time.

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